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Florida Ainslee Park

Glazed Porcelain Floor and Ceramic Wall Tile

  • Sizes Available: 12×24 (Glossy Wall, Matte Floor), 12×12 Matte, 4×12 Matte, 2×2, Stack Mosaic, Mix Hexagon, Wall Listello, 3×12 BN, 3×3 Outside Corner
  • Sizes Stocking:  12×24 (Glossy Wall, Matte Floor), 4×12, 2×2, 3×12 BN
  • Available Colors: Breccia Mist, Zebrino Taupe, Emperador Beige, Calacatta Gold
  • Technical Info: DCOF ≥0.42 • V2
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All sizes are in stock, please call for availability.
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