Aqua Mix

Aqua Mix is the most trusted source worldwide for tile and stone maintenance needs. Offering sealers, cleaners, grout colorants, problem solving and stone restoration products, Aqua Mix products provide professional performance and unsurpassed innovation and customer support.

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Aqua Mix Sealers Sealers protect by putting a barrier between contaminants and the surface. They provide on-going stain resistance and prolong the life of the surface.

Aqua Mix Cleaners Aqua Mix routine cleaners are non-acidic and won't damage stone, tile or grout.

Aqua Mix Problem Solvers Occasionally stone, tile or grout areas need special attention to remove deep-set stains or efflorescence, stripping old finishes, or cleaning grout haze.

Aqua Mix Stone Restoration Bring back the life and beauty to dull, scratched, or etched and neglected calcium-based natural stone with Aqua Mix stone restoration products.

Aqua Mix Stains/Colorants No need to dig out and replace dirty and stained grout. Aqua Mix grout colorants are easy to apply. They clean, seal, restore and re-color grout.